Home-Page-Pig    One of the biggest challenges you face is transitioning baby pigs onto solid feed.

Studies prove it. The earlier pigs start gaining on dry feed, the better they’ll perform all the way to market. Support early growth with UltraCare® First Step creep feed. It tastes so good they won’t be able to keep their noses out of it. See your local co-op, dealer, or feed representative for First Step creep feed; the latest product in the award-winning, UltraCare® feed line. 

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Market success starts in the nursery with the UltraCare® Pig Starter Feeding Program. This revolutionary system of recently reformulated feeds provides superior intake, optimal gain and supports immunocompetence from the farrowing crate to 50 lbs in body weight. Studies prove that early gains at weaning set the stage for a lifetime of optimal performance. Feeding UltraCare® starter feeds is an important nutritional strategy to aid strong pig vitality and optimal gain in the nursery thereby supporting sustained growth to market. That’s what full market value is all about.
UltraCare® Swine Electrolyte
Purina Animal Nutrition, the leader in young animal nutrition, has developed an electrolyte that aims to affect dehydration and electrolyte loss resulting from scours, weaning and hot weather. New UltraCare® Swine Electrolyte is formulated with premium ingredients to ensure that growth performance continues despite the rigors of weaning, weather, and disease challenges. See the product resource section for more details.